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DELL > DELL INSPIRON > 710M 700M Series INSPIRON > DELL Inspiron Laptop 710M 700M Series Battery

DELL Inspiron Laptop 710M 700M Series Battery

DELL Inspiron Laptop 710M 700M Series Battery

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This DELL Inspiron Laptop 710M 700M Series Battery is Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. These DELL Inspiron Laptop 710M 700M Series Battery are ALWAYS safe, secure and reliable. Powered by high-capacity, first quality cells. Bring you computer back to life for less! Brand new, 100% OEM Compatible! Stay mobile with a long life Lithium based Notebook Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series. Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series latitude batteries typically last longer than most other Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series batteries, so they do not require replacement as often. Many of our batteries have internal circuit boards that are used communicate battery performance, temperature and voltage to your Laptop computer. This Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery feature allows your Notebook to more accurately communicate information like "remaining runtime" to you through the battery status lights and/or fuel gauge. Our Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series batteries are manufactured and tested to ensure that they equal or exceed your Notebook's Original Equipment. And, whether you travel around the world or from your office to your home, maintain uninterrupted work cycles by taking a spare Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series battery with you. Note: The actual life of the Laptop Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery may vary depending on which applications are used, which power management settings are in force, which hardware Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery features are utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Depending on the specific laptop model, some batteries may not charge while the notebook is consuming full power

  •    * Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery Guaranteed to meet or exceed Original Equipment Performance, Specification, Fit, and Capabilities.
        * State of the Art Lithium technology ensures this Notebook Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery will provide long life, and light weight
        * Fully supported by Comprehensive Warranty and MobileTechPower.com Customer Service and Support
        * Reliable Dell Inspiron 700m,710m Series Battery power means dependable Laptop performance
        * Always on the road? Add extended power capabilities to your Laptop computer with an additional Laptop battery pack
        * Spare battery convenience allows you to work unplugged longer
        * Backed by MobileTechPower.com world class Warranty and Customer Service.

    Cell Count: 6
    Capacity: 48Whr
    Type: Battery
    Device: Notebook
    Detailed Features  

    Compatible Part Number:

    C6017, C6017, X5458, C6269, C7786, C7786, F5136, D5561, G5345, X5875, X6825, 312-0305, 312-0306, Y4546, D7310

    Compatible Laptop Models:

    Inspiron(700m, 710m)

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