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HP > HP DV4000 series > HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery 90-04006-014-B

HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery 90-04006-014-B

HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery 90-04006-014-B

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HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery 90-04006-014-B

  • HP DV4000 battery
    Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 10.8V
    Capacity: 4400mAh
    Weight: 0.98lbs
    Package Dimensions (LWH): 240.0 x 83.0 x 47.0(mm)
    UL certificated cells inside!
    Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
    Detailed Features  

    Compatible Part Number of HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery

    PB995A, PB995A#ABA, 361856-002, 361856-003, 367760-001, 367769-001, 383492-001, 395753-002, 396603-001, 403737-001, HSTNN-C17C, HSTNN-DB10, HSTNN-IB10, PH602AV, PK493AV, PK494AV, 361855-004, 361856-002, 361856-003, 367759-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 398065-001, 398752-001, 395752-132, 395753-132, 396600-001, 396602-001, 398832-001, 407834-001, 435779-001, HSTNN-DB17, HSTNN-IB09, HSTNN-Q05C, HSTNN-W06C, PF723A, PH601AV, PM579A, PZ942AV
    Fit Laptop Model of HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop Battery

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