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IBM > IBM ACER EXTENSA > 500 Series ACER EXTENSA > IBM Acer Extensa Laptop Battery

IBM Acer Extensa Laptop Battery

IBM Acer Extensa Laptop Battery

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$ 84.99
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IBM Acer Extensa 500 Series Laptop Battery. B4L-LBIBTPI
    • Item Color: Black
    • Capacity: 3800
    • Chemistry: Nickel-Metal Hydride
    • Voltage: 9.6 
    • UPC: 029521-97157-6
    • Owner: Batteries4Laptop
    • 1  Year Warranty from manufacturer

    Weight & Dimension:

    Package Weight: 1.31

    Shipping Weight: 1.24

    Unit Weight: 1.24
    Detailed Features  

    Compatible Laptop Models:

    Acer Extensa 500, Acer Extensa 500DX, Acer Extensa 501, Acer Extensa 501DX, Acer Extensa 502T, Acer Extensa 503, Acer Extensa 503DX, Acer Extensa 505, Acer Extensa 505DX, Acer Extensa 506DX, Acer Extensa 508, Acer TravelMate 508T, IBM ThinkPad i 1400, IBM ThinkPad i 1410, IBM ThinkPad i 1417

    Compatible Part Numbers:

    Acer 60.45B04.011, Acer 91.45B28.001, Acer BTP-1731, Acer BTP-1831, IBM 02K6524, IBM 02K6525, IBM 02K6526, IBM 02K6563, IBM FRU 02K6526

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