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IBM > IBM THINKPAD > R500 R60 T60 T500 series THINKPAD > IBM Thinkpad 6 cells R500 T500 Z60 W500 SL300 Series Battery

IBM Thinkpad 6 cells R500 T500 Z60 W500 SL300 Series Battery

IBM Thinkpad 6 cells R500 T500 Z60 W500 SL300 Series Battery

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This Compatible 6 cells IBM Thinkpad R500 R60 T60 T500 Z60 W500 SL300 SL400 SL500 Series Laptop Battery is Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. These batteries are ALWAYS safe, secure and reliable. Powered by high-capacity, first quality cells. Bring you computer back to life for less! Brand new, 100% OEM Compatible!
  • This is a brand-new, 100% compatible replacement 6 Cell Battery for IBM.

    Capacity: 58Whr
    Cell Count: 6
    Type: Laptop Battery
    Device: Notebook
    Detailed Features  

    Compatible Part Numbers:


    A 40Y6795-6, 40Y6799-6, 41N5666-6, 92P1128-6, 92P1130-6, 92P1132-6, 92P1138-6, 92P1140-6, 92P1127-6, 92P1129-6, 92P1131-6, 92P1133-6, 92P1137-6, 92P1139-6, 92P1141-6


    Compatible Laptop Models:


    IBM ThinkPad Z Z61e, IBM ThinkPad Z Z61p, IBM ThinkPad Z Z60m, IBM ThinkPad Z Z61m, IBM ThinkPad R R500, IBM ThinkPad R R60, IBM ThinkPad R R60e, IBM ThinkPad R R61, IBM ThinkPad R R61e, IBM ThinkPad R R61i, IBM ThinkPad T T500, IBM ThinkPad T T60, IBM ThinkPad T T60p, IBM ThinkPad T T61, IBM ThinkPad T T61p, IBM ThinkPad W W500, IBM ThinkPad SL SL300, IBM ThinkPad SL SL400, IBM ThinkPad SL SL500

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